adding DM parts to a speed maker

my DM just broke after 1 1/2 years of service :’( and im getting a speed maker soon and was wondering if any part of my DM would impruve a speed maker at all. btw, the part that broke was that nob in the bowl of the yoyo and with it, the bar. no pics becouse im useing wii internet channel

Well, you could check to see if you can glue or something the Dark Magic rims to the SpeedMaker. That’s about all I can think of.

seems simple enough, would the weight give it naturally longer spins like the DM?

It could potentially allow for longer spins, but don’t think it’ll have some almighty spin times just because of that. As long as you have a good throw though, it’ll be great. Probably the only problem you’ll have would be if you get it not dead centered, which could cause a vibe.

yea it might cause a vive and if they dont fit save them for later if you get a plastic and see it they fit

Or you could pay an expert modder (lol) to do it for you?

Gee, do you know any? :stuck_out_tongue:

seeing as that after paying for the yoyo, 3 packs of 5 yoyo strings, i would have $.50 left. know any that will do it for 2 quarters?

WEll now that depends. Do you have any old crappy broken or not broken yoyo’s laying around?

I would say no, not really. Maybe a silicone oring if you have it in your Dark Magic.

its geting it out thats hard. i think the previous owner glued it in. this might not matter, but my darkmagic had the pic of a guy holding 2 cards in one hand and 3 in the other, and it was green in coler. does that tell how old it is?

I take those caps off your hands if you dont want them lol…

i was just wondering why i havent seen this type of dark magic any more

They just switched to a new style… Thats all

just take out the axle, bearing, string, shims, o-ring and the caps.

try putting the dark magic bearing in the speed maker :wink: :wink: :wink:

They are the same bearing.

not really

They actually are.

I put a DM bearing on a DNA and it works great. (i don’t know if it has anything to do with this topic).