is a DM bearing much different than, lets say, a speedmaker?

i was looking at the forum topic were Mr. André was talking about how you would get to be a yoyo eXpert in the forums and he said the ones that become one will receive a DM bearing. So i was wondering if my DM has that same bearing and if so, if i put it on my speedmaker, will it increase spin or keep it more stable? Becouse the speedmaker’s bearing looks very similar to my DM’s.
P.S. I own the older version of the DM, if this makes much difference I don’t know. thank to anyone who answer my question.

no you get a dark magic yoyo and the national master caps

English is your main language, probably your mother tounge too, you should learn to understand it correctly.

It says you will get a Dark Magic bearing the National Master sidecaps. There is nothing special with the bearing, but there is something special with the caps.

Also speed maker has the same standard yyj bearing. So it will not make a difference if you change the bearing.

in that context “bearing” would mean “equipped with” or another way you could put it is “the Dark Magic is adorned with special caps”

i think all yyj have same sized bearings
cept the sunsets
please correct me if im wrong

Aquariii, but they’re discontinued.

Yeah, there is’t anything different with the bearing.

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thank ya’ll

The BigYos have different bearing sizes as well.

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