speed bearing

I ordered 2 brearings in the mail one was a yyj speed bearing the other was a yyj size c regular bearing I can’t tell them apart plz help

Heh. They will play basically the same. I wouldn’t worry about it.

YoyoFactory bearing I thought had a YYF laser engraved on them but Icthus is right they will play about the same its shouldn’t matter.

oh thanks I noticed that to

He bought a speed not a spec. Speed=YYJ, Spec=YYF.

Oh my bad for some reason I thought he said YYF :-[

whats a speed bearing

Stainless steel bearing that come with higher end YYJ yoyos.

How much of a difference would upgrading to a speed bearing make?
Also, what is the difference between the stock one and a speed bearing?

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And by basically the same, he means exactly the same in every regard.