Speed bearings

I have not been actively maintaining my yoyo parts recently, and now, I found a few unlabelled bearings in my collection. I am not sure what bearings they are, so I would like to inquire, how do I recognize a YYJ Speed bearing? Does it have any distinguishing features?

On the shield is stamped YYJ SPEED.

does it matter? a bearing’s a bearing. I honestly don’t see a noticeable difference in play from a ceramic kk to a yye bearing, or a crucial groove to a terrapin x.

I envy you, I really do. I notice a significant difference between most bearings.

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While it might not matter sometimes, but it’s always a good to be able to identify and differentiate your bearings. It would help in describing your setup to others, or when selling them with your yoyos.

I catalog what I have in a yoyo in my database. I can’t remember a whole lot of stuff like this. Write it down!

Is ‘S’ and ‘SPEED’ interchangeable? Mine states ‘S’.

The shields are narrower and the edge of the outer race is truncated/rounded quite a bit, so you can’t really utilize the full width of the bearing.

It probably would be a good idea, but I’m not worried about it. I think I traded away a yoyo with my ceramic kk in it a while ago, never missed it.