Bearing Questions

So Im pretty new to the yoyo scene going on about a month, i just ordered a DV888. I was looking at bearings and I know its a size C, so anyways i went to the bearing section and noticed there was so many at different prices. yyj is 6.99, yyf is 9.99? whats the differences besides the price and the MFG? Also i saw the center trac and KK ceramic/ and basic KK. now i know the center trac and kk are grooved for longer spin times and less friction, but honestly is it worth it? Also what about the yyj speed bearing? is it worth getting any of these? Has anyone used the center trac, kk, or speed bearings on the 888? or should i just stick with the regular one? since I have a yyf yo should i stick with the yyf bearing? If there is any way some one can explain all this to me? lol thanks!

Parts is parts. Use what it comes with. It’s a good quality bearing.

Well yes of course I will use it until it goes out, should have said that, but we know 8 little balls spinning around over time will break down lol, so pretty much i wanted to get peoples opinions on these different bearings

i replaced my YYJ bearing in my TRINITY with a CENTER TRAC and its so COOL :slight_smile:

The more you practice, the better you will get and bearing choice doesn’t matter. Just use what is provided with the yoyo, there is no outrageous improvement from one bearing to the next that is if the bearing isn’t rusted or anything. If there is an improvement in bearings, it probably isn’t worth the price.

You could always do this:

Of course I don’t know if it works.

I’ve got 6-7 year old yoyos that are played regularly that still have the original bearings.

well thats good for you ;D

dont use a yyj bearing a a Dv888. Just tried yesterday. Ends up getting stuck. although the YYf bearing fits in the size C yos by yyj, bottom line YYF in yyj=fine YYj in YYf=scratched up yoyo plus an hours worth of time with pliers

The only bearing I have found that really makes a difference in play is the terrapin x

That’s because YYF has a tighter bearing seat than YYJ yoyos, which is also why I said just play the yoyo with the stock bearing. It takes quite a bit before the YYF seat starts to loosen up.

thanks thats all i was wanting to hear lol. so yyj for yyj yoyos and yyf for yyf yoyos lol, so u cant mix and match? lol thanks

You can mix and match as much as you want. Just be sure that they are the same size before you try and crank your yo-yo together. The majority of all YYJ and YYF models use C bearings.

I have a yoyo with a bearing in it from 1998 or 1999, it works perfectly. I still have to lube it to keep it reponsive.
Bearing under normaly yoyo use don’t just break down.

i plan on using the bearing, but in some time, i think i might go to the center trac

do u use this yoyo every day? is it your main thrower? i understand yes they can last a long time, but this is going to be my main yoyo and i want to keep it in tip top shape ya know.

Ya’ it was my main,(in fact only) throw from 2000 till 2005. So 5 years of consistent couple hours a day use.
As well as a bearing I got with the first fhz mod I picked up from takeshi in 05’ and it still is in my MG to this day. I used that fhz for about 2 years strait, then the Mg for about another 2.5 years strait as my only yoyo. Ran the bearing dry most of the time for unresponsive play. Still works perfectly. If not better then when I got it.

Not to mention, (this is not a yoyo I know) but my rollerblades have bearings I have had in them for 12 years now. No sign of rust, they run totally smooth, and they put up with way more abuse then my yoyo bearings ever could.

You don’t seem to have a full understanding of the abec rating system. 
In fact you seem to have the standard flat out wrong understanding of the system.
durability doesn’t get factored into abec ratings.  As well as quality.  It is just how tight the tollerances are when producing the bearings.  You can use crap materials and make a abec 9(highest rating) bearing.  We are talking about size of center hole(bore), outer size, and the width size.  Those are what make up a abec number.  “The ABEC rating does not specify many other critical factors, such as smoothness of the rolling contact surfaces, ball precision or quality/type of steel used.” <quote v article.

even though this is about skate bearings you can see why it would apply to use as well.  :wink:
I know where you are coming from though, I had the same idea when I started looking into the abec rating system.  Kyo clued me in on it.  :wink:

I used the YYj speed in my Dv888… thats why I spent time with plyers…