Help! My Speedmaker is Acting Funny!


THe other day, I was doing a demonstration at my Go camp and I did a couple of Around the Worlds. the Yo-yo hit a light and ever since then, my Speedmaker has been acting weird. Their is a weird vibe and the string seems to be vibrating a lot more. It’s also more responsive too.

I’ve done everything I know: Clean the bearing, lube it, and loosened and tightened the axle.

Help! I’m worried about it! :’(

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You might have bent the axle. I would see if that happened. To fix the vibe, you could put teflon tape on the axle. But first, check if the axle is bent.


Do what Mage said, and check if the axle is bent. If it is, then you have to replace the axle.

The first thing that you want to do, is throw it down. When it’s spinning, touch the yoyo with your finger. Does it wobble less now?

Next, take the string off. Go find a flat table, or a floor and roll it. Check to see if the gap is changing size, or staying the same. If it’s changing, then your axle is bent.

The only way to fix this, is to replace the axle. This could be a bit tricky, because the axle is usually difficult to remove. Try your best to remove it without damaging the yoyo (Or the axle, if possible).

I hope this helps, If you have more trouble, you can ask us. :slight_smile:


It could be loose caps that are spinning while the Yo-Yo is moving. :wink:

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Could be YoYoJam Vibe. But I don’t know.


well, if you ding it, it creates vibe cause there is basicly a chunk of plastic gone, so it doesnt spin stable, but if it wasnt a big ding then its probably yoyojam vibe or loose caps

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But neither of those things would make it more responsive, as he said here:

Also, YYJ vibe doesn’t just… happen. It’s there from the time you open the package.

What he’s describing sounds like a bent axle more than anything, so I’m sure it’s that. :wink:


True, but some YYJ Yo-Yos have vibe right off the bat.

With my Hybrid Hitman, I did a perfectly straight throw, and it has major vibe.

It has to do with some manufacturing problems with the weight rings, because I’ve seen when YYJ weight rings come flying off.

My guess is that some batches probably aren’t fully put on, and leaves a tiny bit of space between the plastic and the ring, and it causes vibe between the ring and the plastic where it meets.

That’s my guess, but it could be anything. Dis-figuered bearing seat - wobbly caps/loose caps - un-perfect weight ring - anything.


Yeah, my axle is bent. Can I fix it?


You have to remove the axle somehow. This is what Samad said:

Then, you gotta buy a new axle. You can get one from YYN. I would rather buy a new yoyo if I were you though.



Don’t go through all that work for fixing an axle. I agree with Samad, and his method really works great - but you should just buy a new one. It’s only about $15. And worth having new one, rather than have a broken one, with probably dings/scratches on it. :wink:


Plus, if you get a new one, you can switch halves! If the axle is on the starburst side, then you can make a dual o-ring Speedmaker. Or, You can buy another Speedmaker, and an axle (If you want to go through with changing your axle) and you’ll have a pair of Speedmakers for 3A!


Never thought of it :o

But still, dual o-rings rock compared to hybrid/starbursts imo.


It is much better to get a new speed maker and a new axle because because

  1. support the community!
  2. learn 3a
  3. there COULD be other damage on the yoyo, and if there is, well, you have a spare axle for satin finishes :wink:


Hey guys, thanks for the advice but my mom fixed it. It may not be 100% even but it’s better than last time. It’s not as responsive as before but still responsive and the vibe is not as extreme.