Another Speedmaker problem....

OK, so today I was just screwing my yoyo back together after getting a knot out, and I was screwing when I noticed it wouldn’t stop spinning as I was turning it. So I left it there and threw it down and it was unresponsive because the side wasn’t screwed in all the way. But the half won’t screw in all the way. I screw it, and it goes some, but not all the way in, and it stays there and keeps turning in one spot. Any help please

I think you need a new axle.

OK, but how do I know what size my axle is? And how do you take out the axle from the yoyo? I think my Speedmaker axle is a small axle, but I just want to be sure so I don’t have to buy two.

The speed maker takes a Stander sized axle. here it is at YYN. Only 3 of em left though.

To take out the axle you can get any set of pliers and grab it. Than twist in counter-clockwise. I should come right out. Later.

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I’m going to go more in detail.

To remove your axle, follow these steps:

  1. Find two nuts that screw on tightly on the axle.
  2. Screw the 1st nut about halfway through the axle. (Use pliers or something similar for the screwing so that you can grip the nut well)
  3. Screw the 2nd nut until it reaches the 1st one, then make sure to really tighten it on top of the 1st nut.
  4. Grip both nuts together at the same time, and move them as if you’re trying to screw them off. If you did the previous steps correctly it should start getting removed from the yoyo hub when you screw it apart.
  5. To remove the nuts you now have, just grip onto the nut on top and screw it loose, and get them off one at a time.

And you don’t have to buy a new axle from YoYoNation directly. You should be able to find them in a hardware store. I got two axles for about 50 cents. You want to ask for 3/4" length 6-32 cup point set screws.

Another option is threadlocker. Threadlocker will go on your axle and repair it so it can screw back again. You can also find this at a hardware store. Its called LocTite Threadlocker Blue, It looks like this:


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So I just spread some on or whatever and let it sit or what? Sorry I’ve never done this before. Oh yeah, do you think I need a new axle or are you just answering to mikey77?

Threadlocker Blue is all you need, make sure its blue, though. Just spread some on the axle, let it sit and dry for 30 minutes, and screw on to play, just make sure not to open it for 24 hours after that.

Fixed :wink:

Make sure not to unscrew the yoyo for 24 hours? Is that what you mean?

Don’t take it apart.


Sorry to burst any bubbles but thread locker blue doesn’t work all that well. will last for a few days than bla… goes back to the same prob. So I just recommend a new axle they are cheap and an easy fix. Later.

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If you follow all the directions, it will work again. My old Dark Magic did.

I am going to get some Threadlocker Blue and an axle if I can.

Going to Lowe’s