Adjustable Gap not so Adjustable

I’ve been adjusting my axle so much do to the fact that It’s on at a angle that my yo-yo is becoming a fixed gap. Is there any way to make it adjustable again?

Which yo-yo?


Sorry, forgot to mention but I made a post a couple of days ago.

DRYOYO, if you can help me with this too besides replacing the axle, then I will worship you forever.

I would recommend replacing the axle. :wink:


LocTite Threadlocker Blue. :wink:

Lets see some pictures please.
I need to see the bearing seat, the nipples under the caps, The axle, ad both sides of the bearing

Coming up this week.

Sorry for the quality, 3.3 MGP isn’t that good.

i couldn’t see to much from the axle pictures there. could you take one more of the axle on the top view please?

and, you mean a angle like on a slant? if so, just replace the axle. it is farily easy, and anyone can do it. if it is really stuck, you’d be better off buying a new speedmaker, or hitting the axle with, mabye a hammer in the way it is supposed to be. it might damage the axle, but it is worth getting out.

you should either get a new axle, or get a new speedmaker.

Try cleaning your bearing, and remove the axle. When you roll it, does it roll evenly?

I cleaned the bearing, and it rolls semi-evenly. I can’t remove the bearing, don’t know whether we have nuts or not.