Help with making my yoyo spin longer

Hi. I was just wondering on how to make my dark magic spin longer. I know you use a thin lube to make it spin longer, but it still doesn’t spin long enough. Can you help me out? ???

if you already used thin lube you might have overlubed it
if you didnt already use it put a drop on a neddle and touch the neddle to a ball in the bearing

Try to throw a hard sleeper or lube again. I hope it will help you.

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks for the reply guys. That was a speedy response! :slight_smile:

To make the yoyo spin longer, add shims, add a silicone O ring and replace the rubber o ring, clean the bearing and thin lube it by adding a touch of it on a needle and touch the needle on a ball in the bearing. (An alternative is to have it still shielded and place a drop as small as you can on the bearing crack and spin it until it seeps in. The reason it is not spinning longer is what gm user said; you might have added too much lube. To fix this, clean the bearing and then add lube or just play with it for a while and have the lube break down.

Here is a video on cleaning a bearing and adding lube.

One thing, make sure you add a soft cloth over the bearing when removing it with pliers before taking it off and squeeze gently. Do not do what the video does and just remove the bearing with out covering it with a cloth, it may bend the bearing!!!

I hope this helps!


These no need to make a poll

Especially when the two are exactly the same. Lol Im just picking. ;D

Practice throwing sleepers and only the3m for about 2-3 days you will improve ;D

agreed. just work on your throw.
dm sleeps fine right out of the box, even with a new bearing.

Throw streight , and hard breakaways.  Don’t let the string rub against the sides.  The starburst will slow it down if the string rubs on it.  Clean your bearing.  Here is a video on how to do that.

When your done with that drop thin lube on a needle and apply that.  Spin it for awhile and you got a really good yo-yo right there!


Hmm…I have an idea, if anyone at all has tried this, tell me if it doesnt work quickly before i fail and ruin my yoyo!

I have a yyj speedmaker, i want it to spin longer, so i went to bomgaars and found 2 metal washers that fit perfectly into the side of it, i wonder that if i painted and glued them in, would it mess with the balance of my yoyo or would it make it spin longer since itd be rim weighted?


If you want to completely risk the destruction of spin dynamics then go ahead. But DONT DO IT!!! I would just follow what I said in the earlier post. Here.

PS-I own a Speed Maker too.

It could, but there is no way to tell without trying. Weight rings are very common, but they are made specifically for that yoyo. I would try it, but find some other way of fastening them in there before you glue them. That way if they don’t work out right, you can easily remove them. But the perimeter weighting will help spin time for sure. Make sure though they have a big hole in the middle, if it’s a smaller hole, then the weight isn’t concentrated around the rims, and then it would do no good at all, except to make your yoyo heavier and your finger hurt. :-[

True. It might just be me. I am very strict on precision especially when it comes to spin dynamics and balance. Also, adding wieght rims will make the yoyo heavier thus technically less agile. You can try washers that fit the cap gaps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…thanks for the replies! and the advice lol anyways i doubt ill be doing it now that i know about the hole in the middle thingy, the holes are rather tiny so i guess it wouldnt do any good :frowning: so anyways yeah im probly gonna lube it with the shields on. I have another question though, ive heard that trumpet valve oil works for lubing, is that true, cuz if it is then im in good shape haha

Yes, it does work for lube, I used it for my first lube. Why? you play trumpet I assume.


Yeah i do play trumpet, and baritone and tuba lol so you say it does work, how well? more like thin lube?

also, once you take the sidecaps off of a yoyo, can they ever go back on, and if i did take one of my caps off, then painted it, then put it back on, would it affect the weight distribution?

I can’t take off the C-clip on the Dark Magic… it’s too tight.

Yes, Trumpet Oil works for THIN lube. And it would NOT affect the distabution and You CAN put them back in.