mod my duncan yoyo keychain.


I just got a few of these for stocking stuffers and I as wondering if anyone would be able to mod it to take a C size bearing and k pads. It looks like there is room for it. It has a nice feel and a good amount of weight and id love to have it modded for unresponsive play.


So, you want to do about $50+ of work to a $4 mini-yoyo?

Get an Aoda Littles and you’re done. Or a YYF Mighty Flea.

But seriously:
Have you paid attention to the string inside? It’s taking up the whole space. Adding a bearing, especially a C-sized bearing, well, you’re going to have to lose some string. An A-sized bearing would be more consistent with DUncan logic. But the internal workings would have to be completely redone. That’s a fixed axle.


Yes, that’s what I want. I have a flea (2 actually)

…But I want what I want, and have the disposable cash to pay for the job. ( if someone can pull it off)

I want a classic butterfly look in a high performance keychain.

I already paid over $60 twice for fleas. Why not pay $50 for a 1 of a kind custom?

Id like a C but an A I’m fine with and it should open the gap a bit to allow more string wraps. Id probably use flea string too, maybe even a flea bearing and flea sized k pads. Those details I can work out with the modder.


Ricerocket or Yoking would be the people to contact.