HELP: How to make Duncan Throw Monkey use C Bearing?

Does anyone know of a pre-existing mod or how to mod a Duncan Throw Money to accept size C bearings?

So far the only ideas I have come up with is drilling out space for a Chico anything kit (Which woud make the yoyo almost 90 grams) or drilling a smaller hole and putting in a yyf protostar spacer on each side and then silicone recessing the yoyo around the spacer. But again, I do not know how I would do this so any help is much appreciated.

Not w/o major surgery or an SPR kit. Unless you have a real attachment to it or have the tools to tackle it, and enjoy tinkering, you’re better off buying a new yoyo.

Mod Spacers could work, I have the one that accepts a C bearing and has silicone groove pads. Sadly, the long bolt it comes with is actually not long enough for most of my Duncans I planned on experimenting with, going to have to go to the hardware store and get a longer one.