Calling All Modders!!!

Ok, I have a set of Duncan ProYo’s for looping and I would love to bearingize them. The only problem is there is a huge recess for the wood transaxle. I know I would have to fill this before I start to cut into it for the bearing to be installed. What should I use to fill this? If you have some trade secret that you don’t want to post please PM me, I promise I will not tell. ;D

well are you trying to make it a 1a yoyo?? if u are i wouldnt, the shape isnt good for it. ive done stuff with that kind of shape and its not really that fun of a yoyo. just so u know, but u might like it.

Nope, I want them for 2A, I just want to put bearings in them.

Will a BC spacer set fit in there?

From the picture I think it’s a little too wide for the regular Duncan spacers, but I would try that first.

If that doesn’t work, you could get a small bearing SPR Kit (If you can find one? I don’t know if they are made) and trim the recess and JB Weld it in there.

I think they may carry them at the nation.

Ya, that recess for the transaxle is HUGE. I put a Duncan spacer in it just to see how I might do this and there is alot to fill in for this to work. I’ll see if I can find an SPR, maybe I’ll go with that.

One thing that I have seen done before (and I really like) is taking some delrin or aluminum round stock and cutting that down to the perfect size to press fit into the hole in the yo-yo. Then you can cut a recess into that for Duncan spacers and response systems.

As awesome as that would be I just don’t have the tools to reshape either delrin or aluminum. Does anyone know if 30min epoxy would work?

I think you just stumbled upon my secret profly mod. lol

So I take it that is a yes? LOL! Now I’m going to have to go out and get me some epoxy this week.

Don’t get the colored stuff though. It seems a little softer. I normally use the clear 5 minute epoxy.

OK, sounds good! Thanks for the info ;D