Duncan spacers


Are these able to for anything other then Duncan’s and if so what else might they fit?

I’m interested in picking up a set or two and messing around with them, but don’t want to waste he money if duncan is the only brand they play well with.

They fit A bearing yoyos. They are just regular spacers.

I don’t know anything about spacers lol so I guess tha shows. Thanks for the answer.

I’m not sure what “regular spacers” means. :-\

Those spacers are designed to work with Duncan yo-yos that use a bolt as an axle. They certainly won’t work in all A bearing yo-yos.

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Yeah, my fault.

They are the skinny type of spacer that goes in yoyos like the Pro Z, the Mod Spacers. And other ones.

They aren’t a special type that flips or anything.

If you need replacements just get a Duncan kit.

Or contact Yoyoexpert.