MOD Spaacers

What yoyos do Duncan MOD spacers fit in? Tried it in my old Freehand with the same size axle and they didn’t fit. Just wondering.

Same size axle?

Maybe you need a longer axle?

They fit on Flying Panda’s.

I got a longer axle, and they can fit in any of my Duncan plastics

Last time I looked the duncan spacers fit all of the freehand types as well as the proyos. Basically anything with the “A” size bearing.

I was gonna say they fit on all my A-bearing Duncan plastics, including FHZ’s, Freehand2’s, Freakhands, and Flying Pandas.

They DO NOT fit my C-bearing Duncans, nor do they fit the Butterfly XT, which in case you may not know, uses a C-sized bearing. I kinda wish they used an A-bearing in there and more rim weight, but that’s a whole other issue.

Replacement axles can be obtained at Home Depot or Lowes. If you’re going to mod the Flying Panda with these, you need a 30mm bolt, which is the same length as a FHZ axle.