anyone know if you can mod a duncan ignite?

I picked up a duncan ignite. It uses a wooden bearing type thing,so I took it out and was able to slide my size a bearing right in:) heres the problem, It would definitley need spacers! does anyone know who would make them? and are there any other mods I can do to it?

It’s a bumblebee with a wooden sleeve axle. A standard Duncan bearing kit will have all the parts you need.

More that likely the FHZ spacers will work.

You can really mod anything.

FHZ spacers will not work. You will need to use Speed Beetle spacers or Mosquito spacers. I prefer Mosquito spacers on the one I own.

The FHZ and BB spacers are identical in the ones that I own.
I guess the OP can just try it if he has a set, or buy the Duncan bearing kit noted above. That should contain all he needs.

Here’s a comparison… first pic is my ignite/bumblebee. Secound is silver FHZ spacers and the spacers I use I’n my bumblebee. They are gold

Well, like I noted, the gold bearing mount from my FHZ is the same as the bearing mount in my BB. YMMV

It wouldn’t hurt for the guy to try what he’s got and see what works. It’s not going to break anything.
Duncan hasn’t changed the BB/TBB body since they acquired it from ProYo.

Ok, sounds good