Successful Mod of a Duncan Turbo Bumble Bee GT

I’m a tinkerer, by nature, and when I get a throw that I like the look of, but it doesn’t perform as well as I would like, I’ve just got to mess with it ;D

At the suggestion of another member, I made kind of a database of my yoyos, and their bearing sizes. I had a FAST 201, and thought I would exchange works in them and see what happened.

At first it didn’t look like it was going to work. I tried at first to just exchange the bearings, and the FAST’s axle o-rings into the TBB GT. Didn’t work, as the o-rings spread things out so far that I couldn’t screw the halves back together.

Then I compared the spacers - the FAST’s spacers were thinner than the TBB GT’s spacers, so I traded those out, as well. It took some firm pressure, but with the new spacers and the o-rings, the TBB GT is not only a better player, the o-rings make the string gap fairly adjustable. Really plays well now.

I’ve now also got a FAST 201 that’s pretty stinkin’ unresponsive! :slight_smile:

Get some duncan mod spacers! :slight_smile:

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Thanks - I’m back after a 10-12 year lay-off so there’s lots of stuff I need to get back up to speed on.

Appreciate the tip -


Looked at the spacers. My Bumble Bee GT is already a butterfly, but I noted some butterflys in the group of yoyos that the spacers will work with. The Bumble Bee GT is not mentioned, but it might be worth gambling $4.50 to see if it would work. If not, would on another.

Yeah it’s hit and miss if they aren’t specifically mentioned, but it’s worth picking them up; I got both sizes just in case I get a notion in the future.

Welcome back to what I assume is line another world of yoyos! Hope you enjoy this go around more way will experience all the new tech/goodies this hobby has advanced to while you were gone.

The Bee GT is the same yoyo as the Dragonfly. Mod spacers should work fine.