Bumblebee with Mod Spacers

A couple of days ago, I put some Mod Spacers on a Duncan Bumblebee. I was completely blown away by the new creation.

For a plastic, this combination is very stable. I was very surprised on how little it tilted during long combos. Also, I was surprised at how smooth the yoyo was. I didn’t feel any vibe, and the yoyo almost looked as if it were sitting still. Spin time is also good for a plastic. In fact, this one seems to die out on me less than any other plastic I’ve thrown.

It’s about as wide as an FHZ or FH2. However, the catch zone isn’t quite as wide. Kind of in between a Dragonfly and an FH2.

The only thing I really did not like about the yoyo is that it seems when you put Mod Spacers on a yoyo, it doesn’t want to stay tightened down.

Other than that, this is my new favorite plastic. It is a better performer than a PGM, you just can’t grind with it. I haven’t tried hubstacking it, since I’m not big on stacks.

I just found this post… I actually did the same thing! It is way better than the regular pro-z

I was going to try this with my Proyo until I heard some little crackle noises when tightening it…so I stopped and removed them. I think because the recess is a bit too deep for the spacers to sit in, it’s putting pressure on it. Maybe next time when I get a hold of a washer I can put behind it. The shape looked pretty cool and unique, may try it down the road.