Cheap plastic yoyo experiments {merged}

I bought 2 5$ yoyos.
I removed both their caps. removed the weight rings of one yoyo and put them on the other one.

the ultra light one was surprisingly decent. Had no kickback and must weigh something like 20g although that number is probably way off. Spins decently, has ridiculous rpms so binding it can make it come up faster than expected. Although spin time is decent, power is very lacking. Grinds go like 2 seconds, multiple wraps end up binding it accidentally… All in all pretty fun to play with. No vibe. Looks weird without the caps though, im considering putting the caps in backwards to add some looks to it. The inside of the caps are solid black with a semi shiny finish so it looks decent… But if i dissasemble it, the nut falls out so ill have to superglue that…

The heavy one is… Heavy? Feels like 80g probably is more like 70gs. Very slow but has very powerful spin. Has a slight vibe to it. The main problem is that the rings fall out some times. Ill have to super glue the rings… Looks ugly AF. But i now have a heavy yoyo yay something i never wanted yay… Does everything my other yoyos do, just more slowly…

Final opinion:
The light one is under powered, uncontrolable, unreliable. And very fun to play with. I dont know why, but i like this one better.
The heavy one is very powerful, controlable and boring to play with


I have been recently experimenting with plastic yoyos. Mostly simple stuff, doubling up on weight rings, having no weight rings. A couple other optimizations like sanding, changing the star burst response pads to something more professional, gluing the nut and bolt so it doesnt fall apart every time i dissasemble it.

The only other things i can think of is buying a phantom and a yyf flight spacer to change the bearing size from A to C (not sure it works that way, may not fit) And than doing everything above. OR adding some spacers to my Techno cuz its kinda responsive even with a ceramic kk.

Can any of you think of something?
Any recomendations for the Techno spacers? Because i dont have washers that fit…

So you want to make the gap on the techno larger? If so, orings behind the existing spacers should do the trick. Or you could cut out thin spacers out of any material (layering tape works well for stuff so you can get it just how you want it) and put those behind the spacers.

The techno doesnt have a spacer. What i need is a shim but thanks, ill try the tape

The sad fact that I have two technos and didn’t realize that…

Didnt realize what?

Update: sandpapered the heavy techno, grinds last for 5+ seconds. Feels a lot softer and smoother too. Havent sandpapered the light one yet.

Btw would you recommend me sandpapering an aluminum yoyo?

I didn’t realize they don’t have spacers. I haven’t used them in a while…