ProYo II modding

One of my first yoyos was a Playmaxx ProYo 2. Stupidly enough, it ended up as fodder when making my first attempts at modding plastic yoyo guts. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been on the hunt for a ProYo 2 for a couple of months now, and finally one popped up on the bay (in Germany you don’t find these that easily sadly).

When I was modding FHZs back in 2009, I had some custom ILYY spacers made that I used in these mods, giving the yoyos new guts with a 4mm gap, type L bearing and sILYYcone response.

I’ve always been intrigued my the fact that the wooden fixed axle piece had about the same thickness as my spacers. I just had to fit these in a ProYo 2 (sorry, Ed :stuck_out_tongue:).

The ProYo 2 weighs in at around 51g, which works fine for 1A unresponsive play, but I desired a little more oomph. Thus, I added thin brass weight rings I bent from pin stock. These tension fit inside behind the caps. The yoyo is now 56.5g which is a nice compromise between the old school feeling and decent playability.


Nice work.


Created an account just to reply your amazing work and because the sudden idea I have on modding the Proyo II (or the GT version). Google on the idea and here I am stumbled on your post.

Really interested replicating your work, is there any way I can get the guide for this? This is my 1st time trying to mod a yoyo.


Thanks! Do you have a spacer kit available?
Based on the respective kit, you need to cut away the inner material of the yoyo halves.

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Sorry if this doesn’t belong here as it doesn’t involve the Proyo II.

But you can take the more modern Duncan ProYos (the ones YoYoExpert sells) and throw some Mod Spacers that come with the Duncan Pro Z into them and they actually make for a more than capable throw! YoYoExpert doesn’t carry the Pro Z, but Duncan’s official store has them. They use to be sold in Walmart as well just a couple of years back.


Also, the work you did on your ProYo II is stunning!

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That’s a cool idea. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Duncan is not accepting orders for anything (on their website) right now.

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