Any good mods for profly?

I’m planning to mod my profly into a ball bearing yoyo,i found a mod,but i don’t have the parts to mod it.Currently I’m looking for a mod that uses common yoyo parts or parts that can be found in hardware stores.Can anyone teach my how to do one?


The same mods that can be done to one yoyo can be done to another in most cases. There are several topics on general modding floating around this forum.

try this?

go to a hardware store and get two size 5/8 washers and four (3/8"i.d.x1/2"o.d.x1/16 wall) o-rings
buy 2 large yoyojam size o rings, two thick silver duncan spacers(fhz size), one duncan bearing (just get the duncan hardcore bearing spacer kit for the spacer and bearing), and two yoyojam size k-pads

  1. remove the caps, nut, wooden thingy, and axle
  2. in the wooden axle recess thingy and stick in the k pad, it will take a little squishing and then
    it will fit onto the outer rim of the recess
  3. place the yoyojam o rings over the k pad
  4. take the duncan spacers and squish two of the smaller o-rings onto the outer rim
    as in:

o o <- two o rings covering the spacer
r r_
i i _l <-bearing seat on spacershould be sticking out here
n n
g g

superglue it like that

  1. now thw spacer should fit right in the middle of the yoyojam o ring the same to the other side
  2. replace the nut and axle, while leaving the caps and wooden thingy off
    the black nubs should also be replaced take the washers- they should be able to fit where the caps used to be if you press hard enough
  3. put the bearing on the spacer and screw the whole thing together.

try it out and tell me how it works! :slight_smile: