NEW! Duncan Mod Spacers come with a Konkave Bearing!

[b]Duncan released their official MOD spacer system so you could take some of your favorite Duncan yo-yos and MOD them for wider string trick or offstring play!

Now the new “Large Bearing” Mod Spacers now come with an official Konkave bearing to take your Mod Spacers to the next level![/b]

MINI-Review for DUNCAN’s Larger Mod Spacers: Folks, this is an AWESOME-AMAZING Deal for this kit. DUNCAN has out done themselves on this, offering the Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing alongside the Large C-Bearing Spacers with SG Stickers. You can NOW have a DUNCAN Butterfly which sleeps for between 2-3 Minutes for under $20!! That’s right. Get yourself a DUNCAN Butterfly XT and the Large Mod Spacer Kit. It will perform up there with any of the more expensive Metal Throws. These Mod Spacers open your Butterfly XT up to all the advanced String Tricks and everybody will just think you’re using a cheap old Butterfly from Walmart. Most recognized String Trick Yo-Yo ever created, definite crowd pleaser. The XT with the Spacers and KonKave Bearing are more than capable of 1-1.5 Minute String Trick Combos.