Duncan Pro Z with Large Konkave Bearing spacers?


While I am sure to have more yo-yo’s in my near future, I am currently using my Duncan Pro Z more then my Speedaholic for learning new tricks. It’s just better for me personally.

So I was thinking of trying to make it better, it comes stock with a small 8 ball bearing in it, but you can buy a Mod Spacer upgrade that has a Dif-E-Yo konkave bearing size C in it.

Located here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/738/Duncan-Mod-Spacers

Does anyone have any experience with those larger Mod Spacers in their Pro Z/other Duncan? Is it a decent upgrade?

I have already purchased it from this site, I was just wondering how others experiences with them have been.

Well I have tried out the upgrade kit for the mod spacers. The concaconcave bearing is great but the mod spacers themselves suck.

Unless you want a generic concave bearing for 11 bucks I would stay away from this deal