Duncan metal zero


What size bearing does it take i found mine from when I was 7 and the bearing is gone and where I should by the bearing would help too


it a size a bearing and get like a koncave size a bearing


The bearing size is “A” to clarify what has already been said.


It uses an A-sized bearing.

Does this yoyo use spacers? Are they missing? You may need the Duncan spacer kit, which includes an A-sized bearing. This bearing will need to be cleaned or else it will be responsive.

You may also need replacement silicone sticker response pads. The 12mm ones are what you need. They last a good long time.

All of these items, including strings, are available through YoYoExpert.


It does use spacers so as studio said i would recommend buying the duncan spacer kit and some duncan friction stickers or dif pads. In mine I have one thick pad and it works very well if you do not mind vibe