"Who needs Hubstacks-One Drop Style(MarkMontNext)"

Me throwing a markmontnext! And I sure don’t need hubstacks  :smiley:
Enjoy Watch in HD!

Dude amazing how did u learn to do that stuff

Awesome :o
Tutorials for those tricks, especially the one at the end where it’s spinning on your thumb or finger?

OMG!!! that was awesome. You’re very good!

:^() look at it sideways

there is no need for tutorials i sure you could learn that just by watching it a couple of times or in slo-mo

first good video I have seen all day. I would have liked more non-hubstack type stuff but that was the point so good video. I liked the intro and the music too.

Thanks for all the comments you guys! :slight_smile:
I might make a tip video for you guys on how to do some hub grinds and different ways to get into a hub grind. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the comments!

I liked this video a lot in the aspect that it was original.

Another great video, Ibe.


Thanks for all the comments you guys!

Man Oh MAN! Both Chris’s got to feature my video. Chris Allen featured on Yoyoskills, and Christopher Rhoads featured me in his MMN Review on Highspeedyoyos! Thanks you guys!

Not bad, but next time try to come up with something new and not copying a grat idea from somebody else… :-\

Pretty much an idea from CLYW’s blog…

Thanks for the comments, I was just trying to show that with the MarkmontNext hubs you would be able to do some hub grinds. Just to prove a point :slight_smile:

I can see you repping One Drop in like a month. Ibe, this is crazy!