Have any cool hubstack tricks to share?


Hubstacks are cool but there arnt many cool new tricks on yt, they are all bassically just tricks you can do normally, like the talon grind bind. Ive made some fun ones myself but what about everyone else?

(ChineseMassProduction) #2

you should share some of those tricks here
always up for learning new things


Just obtained my first hubstacked yoyo so I’ll see if I can come up with something :slight_smile:


need to practice them but when i do sure, just got a really good yoyo with hubs, but there bearings are try so i have to wait for thin lube to ship. Be stoked when i can use it again.


Pm me or make a new post when you do.


Yeah, I was surprised at the lack of video as well.

I’ve been experimenting with some things, but they’re not yet ready for prime time!

I’ll get back to you… :-\


please do :slight_smile: replaced the Z stacks on the N9 making new tricks