Who likes the Miami Dolphins? This is Yoyo related

Just comment below if you like the dolphins!

Btw mods this is Yoyo related, trust me.

I don’t. I like the Lions.

Now… how is this yo-yo related?

My dad likes the Dolphins.

The Bengals are my favorite team, but the Dolphins are definantly second.

And how exactly is this yoyo related?

I have seen a Miami Dolphins yoyo, is that why it related?

I dislike American football.

Get to the point.


I like oreos



Not hockey season, but how 'bout them Sharks!

Yes, this is totally yoyo related and here’s why:

Local team + brand new classic yoyo (Playmaxx) = win!

It’s Yoyo related…just gotta find the right person!

Sure I LOVE the Dolphins. Does this suit your needs?

Not exactly! Is that sarcastic or real?

I live in Miami and the Dolphins are my favorite team! God Bless - Moefv

I hate the Dolphins! More of a Packer fan.

Go Giants

Baltimore Ravens ;D


Well seems like it was moved…whatever I was doing isn’t going to happen. I’m a San Diego chargers fan and this really had nothing to do about football. It was actually going to be a giveaway for a Yoyo. But since moderators never listen and always move things I guess there won’t be a giveaway from me at this time

Maybe if you’d cut to the point instead of dragging it out, they’d have seen your intentions.

You didn’t, they reacted appropriately.

Next time, please just get to the point faster.

Well i did that on purpose as to have people who actually like them to win. If I would’ve said who likes the dolphins? You Can possibly win a Yoyo if you. I didn’t want people abusing it and saying they like them when they really don’t. That’s why I did it the way I did. Honestly if I said it’s Yoyo related then why move it when I said it’s Ito related multiple times. That’s the problem with these forums. I had to decency to have a little unknown giveaway and since mods like to move things they can ruin it.