Who keeps track of their best spin times?

I just started a board where I have 2:08 on a supernova… A year ago I was able to get roughly 45 seconds using either a speed dial, dm or pgm…

If you got em, post em

well I could probably get like a good 80 minute sleep with a hyper infinity :stuck_out_tongue:
(yoyo with a motor. wayyyy too heavy and way too much vibe to actually be useful for anything)
but I don’t really pay attention to sleep time. as long as I can do my combo, I’m good.

I think we need some “parameters” to establish what we’re talking about.

For example:
Forward throw and sleep

Break-away/side throw and sleep.

With my DM2(I’m new, 3 months now), I got close to 1 minute 40 seconds on a front thrown sleeper. Side? no clue, haven’t bothered. It appears I have enough sleep on the forward to do tricks.

I do know my side is not as good. but I also know I’m rubbing the string a lot and that’s killing my tricks. I can do double or nothing, but exiting the trick doesn’t always go so well, even on a non-responsive yoyo.

I’ll sort of do a casual time once in a while especially on a new yoyo or cleaned or lubed a bearing. But, I don’t really pay super attention. I check for straight throw and see if I’m correcting wobble issues. Other times are when I’m swapping parts around to see if “this is better than that” sort of stuff.

Like, I can get 20 more seconds of sleep with my Terrapin X bearings than the YYJ Speed bearing(broken in after more than a month of play, at least I should hope so). But, could have just been a lucky throw. But, I didn’t really time to see total time. I just recall I got 20 more seconds off the Terrapin X over the YYJ Speed Bearing.

How about this:

It should be a bit more fair to compare and then it can be competitive:
Forward throw vs side thrown to sleeper
Yoyo. But that isn’t much easier. I mean, we could go Metal category, a metal/plastic category, plastic category. Do we have size and weight classes? Stock bearing? Responsive or non-responsive?
But then we have side effects in/out, hubstacks on/off, weight rings on/off, modified(physical, not cosmetic). I’m new, so I have no idea what the variables would be.

Heck, do we add an age and experience rating? Competitive vs. “recreational”.

This could be fun and interesting.

Well, when I get a new yoyo I usually test the spin time, but a high-end metal will never dissapoint you.

1 I’m doing breakaways and controlling it via trapeze

And 2 I think it will help me improve my throw if I have something to shoot for ( I can get thru any trick I can do, I just wanna do more in 1 throw)

I dont really keep track. If I can get through my combos, I am a happy camper


I don’t keep track, just notice that it spins longer with time

It was fun to do this when I couldn 't get a yoyo to spin any longer than 2 minutes. When you get up to 4 minutes, things just get really boring.

I never keep track. I yoyo so I don’t get bored and watching a yoyo sleep for minutes is darn boring. However I think it’s fine that some of you enjoy that, it’s just not my thing.


Who keeps track of their best spin times?

Usually people who are new to the unresponsive Yoyo. For my first three months I would test the spin time of new throws but now i don’t care. I had some, new to unresponsive, friends wonder what my spin time was yesterday. So I timed my $10 Aoda hill n river for 1:55. Probably could get 2:30 to 3 with harder throw, but it satisfied them.

Most people that try to get long sleep times just for that only use a forward throw. I did it a few times in my 6 years of yoyoing. They longest time I got before I gave up was a little over 7 minutes on a Blue MKII.

The best ive ever had timed was like 10 min.On a tres leche with concave

i get like an average of 2-3. I haven’t tried to time a sleeper in like 8 months tho. lemmie break out the buddha king and I’ll get back to u.

Just to let you know, alot of tricks require you to do breakaway, try a magic drop with a front throw. You can do them with a front throw but the way the yoyo is spinning is gonna cause alot of problems for you. Defentally learn your breakaway, you’ll be happy you did!

exactly. Also: congrats on your 100th internet i just gave you :smiley:

Yeah, i hear that, i just wind up getting bored and toss a combo in…if you add regens into this equation, i could go for a long long time

Me: I got to see how long my yoyo will spin for
Throws Yoyo
Me: Cool 10 seconds and its still going
Me: Yawn (12 seconds in)
Me: gets bored and starts doing tricks

Facepalms because this happens every time