who is multi lingual?

in conjuntion with my raised facination of swords and japanese culture, ive recently decided to take up japanese as a second language demo mada jodsu jarimasen (but yet skilled not), and i sometimes have difficulty spelling even words adapted for the latin alphabet

I am using the Pimsleur audio program to learn, and am increasing my vocabulary everyday so who knows where i might be in a week, a month, on the next celebration of the ides of march… I like using pimsleur, its almost like learning conversation speach while having a broken down and explained conversation

please, share your languages, and the methods you used to learn them (and the pros and cons about the language/method) and maybe languages you would like to learn in the future

for me: spanish for the many people who know spanish but I cant understand their english
german - possibly for the family i have there

also, I am following the lead of some people who are very smart, and most of them know three, four or even more languages

I know spanish because of my heritage. I plan on learning french and german in the future, along with chinese. they seem to be the most useful. Im fluent in spanish and have started using book and general online resources for french. I hope to buy rosetta stone one day

Im fluent in English(american) and Spanish(mexican). Was gonna learn french but moved to mexico and couldnt take it now that Im back in the states

i know english and want to learn french. my dad didi french when he was in high school so that would make it a bit easier.

I wish I could speak another language, Russian or Japanese would be my preferences, but I found even English literacy too difficult for me. I think I am more scientific driven rather than language.

I speak english and almost fluent Chinese

I speak ok Spanish.

American Sign Language.

i speak Taiwanese and Mandarin cuz that’s my heritage and next year i’m taking french in school.

Does “Swear” count?

Us audio folks aren’t exactly a “clean” bunch…

I also speak techno-babble in three dialects. Data comm/IT, Pro Audio, and Theater Production

In that case I speak a few other dialects, including crappy mechanic, construction, RC, and the famous fishing “dialects”. They always help convey your thoughts in a much more healthy way

Tagalog and English I grew up learning but I took Mandarin Chinese in high school and some kanji in my free time since they were similar.

My best advice for learning a language based on characters is to stare at said character until the image of it is burned into your mind forever.

That works but the only thing you need to do is expose yourself to the language a little bit each day.

I guess it’s just easier to learn a language when people around you speak that language.

Based on my experiences, total immersion is /the/ absolute best and most logical way to learn a new language. If you are forced to use the language in the classroom or otherwise learning environment the /entire/ time in order to function within it, you’re sure to pick it up pretty darn quick. This is especially effective with Sign, since learning how to communicate in a silent environment is a whole lot more than vocabulary and syntax.

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I learned conversational german by being stationed in Berlin for the Army. I learned from my German friends over there.

I just started getting more serious in learning American Sign Language. I have had a few deaf friends before, but they all could read lips and have those sidekicks (I think thats what they are) so only learned a little bit from them… some asl cussing and some basic stuff. It’s a long road but maybe someday I could become an interpreter.

Patrick, what I have found interesting is the regional signs. I did not think of different areas using different signs… probably due to thinking ASL used all standard signing. Like the Sign for “infection” here would mean “island” in another part of the country. Was taught that by a Tele-Interpreter at a place I go to.

Not only that, but the same sign can also mean different things depending on your facial cues or context. Also, many adverbs are achieved through speed, pace, and facial cues that accompany the sign.

I-ay now-kay ig-pay atin-lay. (I know pig latin ;D)

i speak german and…MUSIC. My band teacher says that were bilingual because we can read another language and i believe him.

 I speak English, Malaysian, a bit of German, a bit of Spanish (I need to get better at Spanish because I live in Texas), and a bit of Latin. I also speak the Call of Duty callout dialect, for use on the MLG pro circuit and whatnot (Gamers know what I'm talking about).  :)

i can speak pig latin, hebrew, spanish, english, and some russian

I’ve always wanted to learn Russian, but it’s so hard to get into. To anyone reading, Morse Code is very useful, and it is great fun to learn.