Fluent Multilinguals here?

Any other people here that are fluent in 2 or more languages? This is probably like half the forums
I grew up learning English and Filipino in the US from parents and studied in the Philippines from 3rd grade till freshman year.
I am currently learning Spanish since high schools here in the US when transferring only look at high school subjects and saw I only had 1 year of high school Filipino so yeah >.<
I’m also trying to learn Korean (learning from a friend this is becoming pretty easy and clicking in my mind. also, KPOP IS ONE OF THE BEST MUSIC GENRES EVER, I can understand some of it haha)

I speak English, but I took a year to learn Latin and I am now learning German. But I am not fluent in either of those two, I just know a few things.

I’m fluent in French, English, Japanese and Spanish. I have some solid bases in Italian and Korean, and I have lighter bases in Standard Chinese, German, Bahasa Indonesia, and Portuguese. I have also studied Latin, but I have yet to find it any use as a pure language skill xD

English, Japanese, and a little Spanish…

Although, I REALLY don’t like Spanish. All my teachers so far were terrible.

Wow!! I know… English lol. naoki surprised me, 4 fluent languages…

yet I’ve only left my country twice to go to the UK…
so, for the moment, not very useful skills xD

So if you were dropped in almost any city on earth you could probably make your way.

Learn Korean! The level of conjugations, politeness (MOAR conjugations I think), grammar and word length might be a bit similar to Korean according to some people and may seem daunting (to me atleast) but the writing system takes less than a day to learn O_o
Annyeong! (Hello!)

C++, C#, Perl, T-SQL, JAVA, etc…and some basic English. I can understand a good amount of Spanish. I prefer to communicate primarily using regular expressions.

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a tad bit of spanish…better at understanding than speaking

I use mainly three, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Jawa, and English…
I understand (but not necessarily speak) Malay, Bahasa Minang, Singlish (if that counts).
I also understand Pascal, C++, and Java.
Some Arabic.

English and Español and some time a mix of both.

I bs’d my way through Latin if that means anything (There was a speaking part).

just C++, Java and English.

I cannot regex for the life of me. Always have to Google to see if someone has written a regex that I need. :wink:

As for fluency… it depends on your definition, I think. I can speak Spanish and French without going through a “translation” phase in my brain. I just speak it. But my French is pretty poor (I may not be “translating” but I often use the wrong words or verb tenses) and my Spanish is vocabulary-limited even though my fundamentals are strong.

But to make a short answer: English, Spanish, French

If anyone wants to learn a language, take Rosetta Stone. They are great.

I primarily speak American but my English and Australian is pretty good too.

Chinese (standard Mandarin and Shanghai dialect), Engrish, Norwegian
I can (and often do) speak my Norwegian in Swedish or Danish accents just to troll people, but i d imagine myself getting many idioms wrong if i were to write or hold a speech formally in these 2 languages. I get loads of grammatical mistakes even in standard Norwegian anyway but my vocabulary is mostly sufficient.

Japanese, I understand everything written and most of it spoken but just never attempted to speak it myself.
also Latin and Icelandic, know the basics but with very poor vocabulary and need dictionaries to even read stuff

Haha! Yeah, that last part should have been the obvious lie part. Nobody likes regular expressions or perlscript and if they do, they’re wrong! That’s like saying that you like JDE table naming conventions for their legibility.

My wife teaches English and Spanish so I have no illusions of grandeur, or even adequacy especially when it comes to Spanish.

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Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and picking up German. Can read/write Korean (really slowly) and understand common stuff you hear in Korean dramas, and enough Japanese characters to figure out the label on a Japanese food item :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: and enough korean to pick up lyrics for most kpop songs real quick. @Rixtify, kpop is sooooo much fun