Who has the most trades?

I’ve been looking through people, and I’ve seen 100+ trade feedback. Who has the most?

I believe Preinfalk is the front runner with 156 trades.

BPhilly is in 2nd with 153.

Which puts me in 3rd with 147.

Unless I missed somebody…


I believe HaruRay has a great many…

This should be who has the most feedback. I DO!

Wrong section.

I believe this is right.

No!!! Ive Got The Most ……………………JKJKJKJKJK

sorr I had to I just coudnt resist ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

150+ trades!? Flip, thats a whole lot of throws…

I’ve traded twice in person at meets, and once when I was trying to hunt down a specific throw but those were all only throws that I genuinely wanted to get rid of. Apart from that I just buy buy buy. =)

I’m with you Gambit, I probably gave away more than I’ve sold at this point. I have slowed down on the BST because I have the vast majority of what I was looking for on there. I tend to be mostly a “buyer” in any case. :slight_smile:

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Yeh I wouldn’t really want to sell any of mine. You end up getting less money back than you paid and having no throw to show for it, which seems like an overall loss.

Still, I’m glad not everyone is like me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of so many great deals. I’ve grabbed some fantastic bargains in my time on the UK B/S threads. :slight_smile:

Good thing I don’t live in the USA, or I’d be buying left right and center off YYE’s B/S forum… I’d be unstoppable.

Given that I don’t go clubbing (the yoyo variety) or attend competitions, the BST has been a hugely useful way of me sampling throws to find out what I like. Without the BST I’d have a huge number of yoyos that I wouldn’t throw, and wouldn’t particularly enjoy looking at either. And while you tend to lose some money selling newer throws, trades tend to work out a little more even. To top it all off, without the BST I’d never have discovered VsNYYC throws which have become the backbone of my collection.

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I know a guy who has over 600 mint yoyos and has never traded a single yoyo :smiley:

I feel the exact same way. Now that I’ve found the willpower to let go of a decent amount of throws I’m going to feel a lot less guilty about buying stuff in the first place since I won’t have to worry about it sitting around never getting played with or looked at.

Should be who has the most feedback. I’ve only traded and sold a few times, I mainly use it to get throws. You can get some high quality throws for MUCH cheaper than retail, and if you take good care of the throws you got from the BST, you could even make profit if you decide you don’t want it anymore and sell it.

I’m getting pretty solid have a deal going now so 38 but some people on here also had bst’s on yyn and if they add those then many are through the roof. I started forums right before the shutdown heard around the world


If this was yoyonation then dizzo is the winner.

Actually I think RiceRocket might be a little higher up than him. I remember him having at least 400 trades. Granted a lot were from Dice Stacks, but still.


Damn, dude, 17 trades in the last 3 months alone! Are you on a first name basis with your post office yet?


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well unless he uses the do it urself machine lol