I finally hit the 100 positive feedback!
I’m honestly a bit shocked. I joined February 18th, 2012.
in almost 2 years, I racked up well over 100 trades!
Sadly not everyone leaves feedback, but what can you do?
Thank all of you who have traded, sold things, and bought from me :slight_smile:

Congratz :wink:

Congratulations, but should this really be in this section?

Congrats :smiley:

What’s creepy is we joined YYE on the same day. How coincidental.


Congrats! Glad I could help. 8)

wow… so wow…

You’ve spent well over $600 on simply shipping yoyos.

100 x $6 = $600

Crazy to consider I’ve probably spent around the same amount of cash on shipping as well haha.

^ Yikes! You guys should use first class with tracking…$3.65 for me. I use my own box that costs .11., so $3.76 total. $600 vs. $376. Save yourselves a few bucks…it does add up. The yo-yo only gets there a day later. I rarely sell anyway though.

I’m almost at 100, and joined around the same time as you. We almost had a deal once, but not yet. I’m sure it will happen sometime though.

Congratulations! It is a milestone, for sure.


I’ve been here for almost 3 years and I’ve only 4 feedbacks…
Time to go back to business I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually. For a while I used UPS. Huge mistake xD
And when I used USPS online service. 5 bucks. And I got 300 free boxes.
500$ isn’t as bad. But still. Quite a bit yikes.

Congrats haha’