Who has the highest trade count on YYE?


Highest I saw was Bphilly I think with like 141!
Anybody ever see higher?

(2Sick Joey) #2

Between here and yoyo nation I have around 200 maybe a few more

(SR) #3

I would say either LinksLegionaire or HaruRay. Especially combined on YYN.


Just on this site or all YYR?




This guy ^ lol


BPhilly has 144 and Preinfalk has 143 trades.


Not me! :smiley:


Me for sure


I’m banned on YYN and don’t remember my trade count. If someone could check for me, that’d be cool.

I’ve got 122
BPhilly has 144
HaruRay has 116
Fellavader has 100
Slade Riggs has 101
Preinfalk has 143
irdaprez has 119


You have 63 Feedback on YYN. Just a question, but why did you get banned? (I understand if you don’t want to answer)


Awesome. Thanks, man.

Well when YYN died, I bumped like 30 old BSTs out of boredom. They didn’t find it too funny.


MiamiBuddha (CaliBuddha) has 280 on Yoyonation


That settles it. Nick is our leader.


But all time record would probably be Ricerocket, he had 435 feed back on Yoyonation, really miss that guy and his mods :frowning:

(kclejeune) #16

Hahahaha that’s awesome. Totally worth it IMO since the forum is 90% dead anyway…

Yoyospirit: Holy. Crap.