Trade Count:What Does It Mean?

Okay first of all, this isn’t about a yoyoexpert site improvement, it’s just about the site but I couldn’t find another section that fitted this topic better. I’m quite new to yoyoyoexpert compared to the rest of you so I don’t know that many things. Now let’s get to the point, as the name suggests, when you look at the forums, it shows you who wrote a comment and above that it shows a trade count number and I was wondering, what does it mean? Thanks ;D

When you trade a yoyo with someokne through the Yoyoexpert BST they leave you feedback which makes your trade count go up. They can leave good,bad, or nuteral feedback. The more good feedback you have the less wary people will be to trade with you. Also you wont have to ship first much anymore. Like for example I have 20 almost so I rarely have to ship first. It is ppretty much how many times you have traded. And lets someone you are trading with know how you are when it comes to trading. Nuteral is for if packaging is really bad or if there was more damage then you stated, and negative would be if you scammed them meaning you didn’t ship them their yoyo.

Thanks for your reply so how do you actually trade yoyos? :slight_smile:

To make a trade you check in the B/S?T section. If someone has something you’re interested in send them a PM expressing interest or making an offer. If they like your offer the negotiations can continue.

Likewise if you have something you want to trade or sell, post it in the B/S/T. When you post an item for trade or sale you need to post a picture of it as well.

Note that I use the word trade somewhat loosely here. It can just as easily refer to buying from a private party as well. Some people want to trade only, others want money only. Some are open to both.

That number basically stands for your reputation in the Buy/Sell\Trade section. The higher it is, the more trustworthy you are.

I don’t think that is necessarily true. I am trying to deal with someone who has 2 positives and 1 negative and he has a 3 rating. If I had my way, for now, it would be a 1. 2 positives + 1 negative = 1

I don’t want to say anything negative about the guy. But I think it should show a bit more accurately.

The trade count is just what it says - the number of trades a person did. It’s not a rating or score of how good they are. That’s up to you to determine based on the pluses, minuses and neutrals given.

As Jhb has said, it simply is the feedback from trades the person has been involved in. However, it is only one indicator of trustworthiness. There are other indicators available to help one determine trustworthiness, as well.

simple and to the point. thank you!

But that isn’t entirely true. The higher it is means you’ve traded that many times. It doesn’t mean they are all good. Seems I’ve heard this before…JHB?

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Yes, one should really take the time to read the other posts in a topic before posting. :wink:

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I see how it works. There’s a “trade count”, which we see, but if we want more details, we need to click that number to see the “trade rating”. The guy I am trying to deal with has 2 positives, 1 negative for a 1 trader rating. Not the 3 that is shown for his trade count.

I’d rather see the trade rating. Either way, anyone should check out anyone else before doing BST activity.

I disagree. Summing up the pluses and minuses to make a score is bogus. You need to review the reasons. The trade count itself does not mean much either.

Trade count + feedback + quality of a persons posts + evidence of consistant behavior + acts of kindness or the opposite thereof = the chance I will trade with them.

Just saying for me, trade count is just part of the equation.

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Yes, this is a very good way of doing it and how I tend to trade. Even if people have less feedback if they post a lot,I talk to them in chat a lot, etc. I will ship first or same time if they wish.

This is also correct because sometimes I notice jerks come on here and leave bad feedback to people they haven’t traded with or because it they don’t like how it plays. In this case the wisest thing to do is contact a moderator such as yourself. For instance, a guy was trading with me, but then traded to someone else, and even though this is his fault,and it was at a contest, he came online and left negative feedback.

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