YoYo forum trader count


I couldn’t figure out where to put this, but its a interesting thought.

When trading on yye is it relevant at all to bring up that u have more feedback on yyn? I mean you are trading on yye and therefore it really shouldn’t matter. If so, can u bring up other feedback on sites like eBay? I just want to know if its appropriate to point that since you haven’t earned trust on YoYo forums, if u could use the trust you’ve earned on eBay to compensate for it?



If someone is on more than one forum that does trader ratings, it may help a LEGIT seller/trader/buyer who has good ratings elsewhere and a zero rating(no positive or negative) somewhere else to help get stuff taken care of. Often, people being honest on one forum are going to be honest on any forum. Plus, many people doing the BST thing may be doing the same items on more than one forum.

Similarly, people who have been behaving poorly on BST in one forum also tend to behave likewise on other forums.

I’ve done BST deals(as a buyer) on three forums. I participate in some manner on 5 yoyo forums. People tend to be consistent as to who they are.

My feedback on YYE is higher than anywhere else. I’ve found what I was looking for more on YYE. I’ve also found many of the same dealers selling the same stuff(via the same post) on other forums, INCLUDING many I’ve bought from on YYE. The idea is simple: more eyes lead to more results, be it “wants” or “trades” or “buys” or whatever.

Plus, if someone is being a bad seller/trader/buyer, the community will take action, regardless of which forum it is. If you do bad on one forum, it could bite you on the others. There’s so many members on YYE that are on other forums. Bad news travels fast.


Pretty much what Studio42 says regarding trading on multiple boards.

My own opinion is that ebay rep doesn’t carry over as well, it’s really in a different league than what you see on a yoyo forum as far as trading goes. And the fact that a buyer has some semi-official recourse for getting their money back on ebay also makes it different.


The ebay thing, not so much…but between other yoyo froums yes, the trade count can be brought up to show how reliable you are and how much you have traded. They do count like feedback on other forums as well. I have done it plenty of times, I trade on yoyoexpert and just one other forum. I have 8 on the other so yoyoexpert is my go to trade count number but I just add them up and that is the number you end with on the other forum and people generally accept trade counts from other forums.