Can I trust the trading forums? will i really get my yoyo?

I sort of a new guy on the trading forums. can I trust that I will get my yoyo? How does this trading happen? thanks,

Just look for people with positive trade counts. You’ll never know what’ll happen though. Just look for good people to trade with.

Yes and no, In most cases you will get your yoyo.

Somewhat, but sometimes I wonder now… I just got scammed out of my best (and only) yoyo >:( >:(

André and the mods here are not responsible for bad trades, but the feedback system will help. see, if you see something you like, check the person’s feedback. most people are positive and then they will usually make a fair trade. if someone ever scams someone, they will recieve negative feedback and usually that is bad for trades. a good way to make sure you get the yoyo is to insist that the other person ships first before you do, but usually, because you haven’t made any trades, that is less likely to happen. most yoyoers are all very trustable, but i am starting to notice a few exceptions. at the last contest i went to, someone stole my m1 and protostar. also, (through no fault of the other yoyoer) today i got my end of the trade, and the box happened to be filled with bubblewrap and sadness. i contacted the trader and we are working together to find out what happened.

thanks for the help! ;D ;D