Trading Yoyos


I hear you guys talk about trading yoyos. Can you fill me in on how it works. Like new or used yoyos and all that. Thanks!


Two people arrange whatever they want to trade for whatever, then they ship it to each other, and both people get what they want.


yeah, but people can scam you, so i don’t recomend it.

(Chris Allen) #4

Trade with someone who has a good amount feedback. If you don’t have any feedback then be prepared to ship first. Insist on Tracking numbers.


Yeah, exactly how many feedback numbers qualify as a good amount of feedback. I only have 3 on YYN, so I am curious at what point will it be that I can officially be trusted.


Yea, i was wondering this but it would be cool to trade yoyo’s but to have a way to make sure no one gets scammed, because i would trade some of mine.