How do I trade safely

Tile says it all

Start off by trading with people well known to the community

Yes, but re-stating it in the text box is good form.

Look at trader ratings and figure it out from there. Read trader reviews. Read the comments from other people who traded with the person you traded with. The odds are that higher numbers = less need for concern.

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get ready to ship first since you don’t have any feedback but make sure your first few trades are with people with at least 5 or more feedback or just buy stuff first to get some feedback.

Yes be very careful at first. Look for what you want then check out the guy trading look at all the feedback and ask questions and if it feels weird then decline the trade politely. There will always be another one. No matter what you are looking for you will find another.

You also have to be able to trust that the other person is going to be able to come through on their end. This is why you trade with people with more feedback.

Look at their feedback, and how many trades they’ve done.

The first yo-yo trade I made originated on another forum. It was a substantial trade, my Yuukiquake 888 for 5 yo-yos (I think it was 5), a pink project, OG DM, Bolt, and two others which escape me. I had zero feedback at the time and asked via PM for a phone #. I’m 48 (probably 45 at the time) and he person that answered had kids making noise in the background.

I shipped first. I felt secure in doing so.

Do your due diligence. Don’t send a yo-yo or a bunch of yo-yos into never-neverland.

Be responsible, look at feedback, ask yourself… is this true good to be true?

If it is then it most likely isn’t.

Know who you are trading with.

Like others have said, Feedback is a good place to start, but be careful to check who has actually been leaving the feedback. Far too often in the BST Trader Feedback section you’ll read of people who thought somebody was reliable due to all their high feedback and later after being swindled, discovered that all of the feedback had been created on fake accounts…

Phone numbers are a good thing to ask for… Asking for tracking detail is a popular choice for keeping safe too. Most of all, just use your common sense!