How to raise my trade count from 0?


First of all, does it cost anything or can you do it for free.

Second, what is there to trade? Anyone know what the trading is here for?

Third, a little miscellaneous to the questions, you know where you can send feedback, the negative feedback. Sorry for the dumb question, but how would you know whether to mark it as negative feedback or even neutral feedback?


1.) No, trading is free, disregarding shipping costs of course.

2.) You could trade Yo-Yos, it’s sorta why the site’s called YoYoExpert lol, but people also trade/sell video games, kendamas, etc.

3.) Usually, I would mark a trade as neutral if the shipping was really really late or the yo-yo was in a worse condition as described. If someone said an item was mint, but it actually had 5 dings on it, then I would give them neutral feedback. If someone scammed me, I would give them negative feedback and report it to the moderators. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened to me yet.

Welcome to the BST!


Thanks for the welcome dude!

So, I can trade anything I want?


Yep offer anything you want

Feel free to post your topic here and if someone sees something they want they’ll off the trade,9.0.html

I’ve seen people trade anything from headphones to ps3’s for yoyos and seen people trade yoyos for motherboards. You can of course try to do specifically non-yoyo related stuff but it’ best to keep that to other forums if possible. The bst is also an amazing place to get very expensive yoyos at a discounted rate.


Here are the rules for the buy/sell/trade board.,1529.0.html


Hey man, I’m sort of new to this too.

On your first trade, go with someone who is respected and has a high trade count.

It is all free, your trade count is sort of like your reputation

You can trade yoyos, yoyo acessories, kendamas, and other goods but mostly yoyos

To submit a feedback Go to the users profile, scroll below the feedback and just bellow it is bold text saying submit feedback.

You give positive feedback to somebody who got the yoyo or money to you within a reasonable time. If something came up and they couldn’t send it to you right away, don’t give them bad feedback, bad feedback ruins their reputation.

Lastly, the other person may require you to ship first. Ship First. If they are going to scam you, you have the power to give them bad feedback and suddenly their hard earned reputation is ruined. We are all yoyoers here, nobody wants a yoyo badly enough to ruin their reputation and ability to ever trade on the forums again.


Also, you can get feedback for buying something. It could be something small, like custom string, or something big, like a yoyo.

I sell string on my bst in my sig if you are interested. :stuck_out_tongue:


And music…  :slight_smile:


Thank you.  :slight_smile:


For sure.


Thanks to all for posted here. This discussion is open to anyone who wants to join in.


Seems like God should know about these things…


I think you have a good point there.


Free? Nah man you gotta pay to trade with me.

PMs are also $0.50 a pop.