question about trade count


so far i have one trade. i submitted feedback. his trade count went up, but mine didnt. how do i make mine go up?


ask him to submit feedback :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s very irritating when somebody doesn’t make the effort to give feedback. It’s like anything else, screw it up and the guy will scream to the world. Do it right and a lot of people just blow it off.


Sometimes people just need a reminder.

I did a trade with an individual and he was just pre-occupied with other stuff, part of it was stuff behind why he was selling some of the yoyos in the first place. I just give him a reminder, and he posted feedback. I am also tracking all my BST transactions so I know who I have and haven’t left feedback for, and who has and hasn’t left feedback for me.

My thoughts: If I’m going through the whole process of doing a trade/buy or whatever, I want to complete all elements of my end of the obligation. That includes leaving feedback.

Most people on BST are good folks. Some do a lot of BST and it can be easy for someone to get lost in the shuffle of incoming and outgoing yoyos. Give them a friendly reminder. They’ll be happy to take care of that most of the time.