What do you do when traders don't post feedback?

The subject sums it up. I came here from another forum to get away from stuff like this. Would be nice to build a reputation. I paid for a yoyo the same day that we made the deal. Left feedback for him the day my yoyo arrived and now three weeks later he won’t respond to the 2 PMs I’ve sent him. Irritating… He has 70+ feedback so I know he knows the importance of reputation.

You put the post in the BST section. But seriously, ask him again, and I think the mods might be able to do something for you. PM a mod IMO.

Mods can’t do anything. He has to post the feedback himself. Pm me who it is and I’ll see if I can get him to do it.

Same thing happend to me, but I feel kinda weird asking for feedback!

Nope. If all goes according to plan, taking five seconds to leave a feed back is really nothing to ask.

But when the teacher is yelling at the class a lot, I feel weird asking for the bathroom while there in rage mode.

Look at HIS feedback. We’re both talking about the same guy. I see that you have left him feedback just below mine.

I think that’s pretty much bad form. I’ve had it happen on a couple of forums and on ebay. It’s very irritating. Both of the ebay cases involved a buy from big name guys in the yoyo community. In both cases I paid via paypal within 5 minutes of the closing and I received confirmation of the payment. One guy sent me notes for 2 days saying he wouldn’t ship until I payed. I sent him my payment conf. note and told him to check his email. Never heard from him again but the yoyo showed up 4 days later. No feedback either…

I’ve noticed that he hasn’t left feed back for a few other people too!

Have you considered leaving neutral feedback with the reason being he hasn’t given any when due?

Can we change our feedback? Or is that for future deals?

You could try seeing if they are at other forums and contacting them there.
I know sometimes people use other forums more actively and if you sent him pm’s, they might not have seen them.
I had to do this for a different issue but it ended up working out fine.

cough cough

you didn’t leave me feedback…

I don’t see why not. Just leave a reason for the new feedback.