Yoyodaddy leaving me bad trader feedback

This jackass has the nerve to come on here and act like he is and then he goes and gives me bad trader feedback, MODS THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR AND I DEMAND YOU TAKE ACTION I am sorry for doing it this way but you need to fix this NOW, and hopefully you can take this idiots comments off my feedback profile


Dude you are querer than a 4 sided triangle. Your own mother thinks you are a failur

well then dont be mean

that is just stupid i mean dumb and why do you do that just because youre mad at him

well then he should just let it go its not a big deal

just please stop creating new forms profiles you are just getting more annoying

you should be banned for language

Dude, shut up and don’t post.


He gave me bad feedback too. These guys are hilarious IMO. They can’t even be good idiots.

And Tyler, try not to swear either, or else we look as bad as them.


why dont you make me little boy

samad im glad you find it funny that he is messing with your trader feedback but he crossed the line when he messed with mine and it needs to stop, unfortunately we only have two mods so the more people that report him the faster this problem will be resolved, they are already being notified whenever someone replies to this thread

Good news guys, I IM’d Chris - the problem should stop soon.

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yay :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is includes you too yoyodaddy… ::slight_smile:

yay chris is here already

Hey YoYoDaddy


wow youre dumber than i thought, you left me one positive feedback


And Tyler. Just PM André and he will remove that feedback. I don’t see the reason to go public with it. Instead of swearing and feeding the troll you can just let mods/admins do their job. You can use the report button, you can send PM’s, but posting this won’t make things go faster, you’re just feeding the trolls.

Chris he has a few different profiles

I think Chris knows this… No need to act like Chris can’t do his job.