I was looking at the feedback for andrey21 and it shows he has only gotten 1 feedback. However, on his BST, he lists about 20 yoyos he has sold. Doesn’t that seem a little weird to anyone?

Maybe that one person bought all 20?? :o
No but seriously, he probably just traded them on a different forum

I don’t think so, he’s had that feedback for a while and his list keeps getting longer. But, you’re probably right on that.

Or it could be that people he dealt with didn’t have the courtesy to leave feedback, good or bad.

He posted his listings in the Facebook bst

Most people do and I don’t think it just so happens that 19 people of 20 didn’t leave feedback.

And this officially answers the question.

He’s also all over Instagram.

I’ve done about 5 transaction on here so far, and have a whopping, one feedback. :slight_smile:

I’ll usually politely ask for feedback.

I’ve probably had at least 10 people not leave feedback for me. It happens.

Or, like me, I’ll go and put stuff on ebay and usually sell it really fast, after having it here for a long time.

That’s what I do. Everyone I’ve dealt with has left feedback.

Meh, people forget, things happen. I have had a lot of people not give me feedback, and sometimes I do a lot of trades with the same person, and it looks bad when I have three feedback from the same guy, in a row…

I am from Ukraine , and a lot of my yoyos I sold/traded in Ukraine or Russia .

This. I’ve done about 5 transactions where the other person didn’t leave any feedback at all. Even when I asked if they wouldn’t mind to.

The main thing that andrey already stated, there are others places to sell throws and so it wouldn’t surprise me if most of their sales were through other avenues as they have been for me as well.