Who has THE END?

Alright, so most of you probably won’t know what this is unless you’ve been around for a long time.

The End is basically a modded Anti-Yo Eetsit, thought of by Phil Cox and Dr. Popular, two yo-yo pioneers. 50 were made, similarly to the original painted peaks. While these don’t have the same following as the peak, they are probably just as rare.

That being said, who has one? It would be so cool to see one, I’ve seem less than 5 on this forum. Once again, who has them?!?

Might want to check out what notoriety means.

Zammy has one of the “THE END” I believe.

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I know the word has a negative connotation, but I was shooting for famed.


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Yes I changed it for all you grammar fanatics.

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Not grammar, vocabulary.

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There was a time when Zamstrom had like, six or seven. He broke one of them, I think either Feral Parrot(the original machinist for Yes, Absolutely) himself or Kyo did a hub-replacement with a dual o-ring YYJ.


I have one


The fall of defeat


The rise to glory

Wow, those are awesome, and the numbers are even better! It’s cool to see there’s still a few floating around the community. It’s a shame that so many throws have been lost to people whom are no longer interested. Some of The Ends, OG Peaks, and OG Torrents will never see the light of day again…