Who got a C3 BTH?


Who got one? Haha
I’d love to know how insane these things are!


I didn’t get one. I did, however, get a chance to throw it. It’s so heavy I was afraid to throw it too hard for fear of braking the string! Extremely cool yoyo. Felt like a little engine. I tried really hard to justify buying it. Sure, it’s kind of a novelty…but so are all of these yoyos. Who needs anything more than a Code 2 and a pack of strings? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I gyro flopped it. Worked…but it didn’t seem amused.


It was designed to achieve the sleeper world record, for which you do need something more than a Code 2.

Get kevlar string if you are afraid of string snappage.

Very few people on this forum have ANY chance of breaking the world sleep record, regardless of the throw. I REALLY like the thing…but it is definitely a one trick pony…unapologetically so. And it would be fun to throw a 15 minute sleeper. Every now and then. So, yeah…not gonna be an everyday throw.

Kevlar string never factored into it. It wasn’t my yoyo. Threw it five times or so and then put it back on the shelf before it ended up coming home with me. If it was mine, I’d throw it on poly with no concern…but it wasn’t.


I’m in control of Czech yoyo records, so I was very curious for bth. Now just one guy own it, but he already broke Czech record with 23:54 time, but that wasnt in ideal conditions and with not so great bearing. His personal record in practice is 30:07, which is really close to world record. Looking forward to his next officially measured time.

On throw I always feel to afraid to give any force into throw, just roll it out of hand. on end of string it feels super heavy, but if you hold it close to yoyo with string around neck, it’s not so bad.