YoHans's BK2

Check it out! This is the actual yoyo that YoHans broke the record with!

By dyonch at 2009-12-12

YoYoFactory has generously lent it to the new DE crew so we can try and break the Junior Sleeper Record at PA States! (Jared looks to have the best shot at this point)

Thanks YYF!

omg i holding it right now!!! :wink: ive been practicing :slight_smile: i got 13 mins !!
Thanks Yoyo factory!

dude so awesome, are you guys bringing it tomorrow? Jared didn’t you get 12 min with your cali and if so you can totally break the record :wink:

Jared Joe said I can keep it after the contest and give it to him next time I see him.

ok ill give it to you at the contest

Yeah, I hope you break it. My only worry is that on your first throw they start the time and then if it dies or if you kill it then you can restart it. But after you kill it the 2 minutes keep going, so basically you can have a few throws until you get a good one, but you have to make sure it’s perfect…

and no knotty string lol :wink:

The crazy thing is, is that, a little after Worlds, a dude in Japan broke Yohans record by like a couple minutes.

It’s still pretty cool though

Awesome! I wish I could Go, but my parents wont let me :’(, good luck jared!

Yeah! Good luck!