Buddha King 2 new sleep time record!

Hey! This other guy broke the world record for sleep time. He used the Buddha King 2. It used to be 19:39:00 but now it’s something like 21:15:17 or something like that. But I’m sure it’s around 21:15.00! So now Yoyofactory’s changing the writing of the sleep time on the yoyo to the new record! Found this out on Yoyofactory.com

I hope yoyoexpert restocks it with the new laser engraving.

EDIT: Please do not double post.

Please try not to double post, there is a modify button.

But that is preety cool

Sorry, I just didn’t say everything I wanted to say. What do you mean by the modify button?

somewhere over -----------------------------------------------------------> here, around ^^^^^
THere is a modify button.

Who broke it?

They broke the record back in September…

Yeah, this happened not long after worlds where the record was broken first.

You mean the new record? Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.

You’re fine. Still a pretty awesome thing.

I’ve always wanted a Buddha King II, And now I must purchase one.

That yo-yo is too expensive for me.

Same here… But I still really want one ;D
Just imagine. Bustin out White Buddha on a Buddha King II… Now that would be fun.

It says thank you

Buddha, on a Budha. God… 21 minutes… It’s like… :o Scary… Now we all know it’s worth getting one. Even if it isn’t for novelty reasons. ;D

If youre wanting it to do string tricks on then dont bother. Get a new Superstar instead. The BKs dont do string tricks all that great.

I know it’s made for the soul purpose of long sleep times. That’s why I said that pulling off White Buddha on it would be Fun… I guess I should of said one of the most impressive things ever!

Are Buddha King 2’s responsive?

So BK2 is ment to do sleeper only and not sting trick? i know i has a H shape and all but is it reslly that hard to do string trick on it?


IMO it is more of a “block” shape. And yes, it is only meant to do sleepers, but it can do regular tricks too, it is just a little slow on the string.

i guess its more like a novelty yo yo then right?