Buddha King?

I just really think that the buddha king should not be on the market. I know it was used to break the sleep record, but why would anybody want one. :-\ It takes like no skill and would kill this purpose of yoyoing. i think the whole purpose is to learn new tricks before your yoyo dies. it makes a challenge right? well isn’t there no challenge if you are using a yoyo that sleeps for 20 minutes(excuse me 19:39) But if anybody has this yoyo or knows sombody who has it or whatever. please tell me why you would want this yoyo

It won’t sleep for 19 minutes for just anyone, it still takes a ton of technique.

Also, the record (as far as I know) has to be set with a production yoyo. Which is why they make it available.

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Well I don’t think the budha king is really a good trick yoyo. I mean sure it will out sleep any yoyo (depending on technique), but the gap doesn’t let you do much. So it has always sounded like a novelty to me.

I think you could do tricks with it. its kinda the shape of a dingo, except dingo is smaller. kind of like a loop shape except a little bit concave.http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/105/view/images/02.jpg

the dingos gap is 4.30 mm
buddha kings  is 3.70 mm

The weight would be the biggest factor anyhow.

Well, they made Lite and Super Lite versions of it. Also, put they hubstacks on it. Woohoo /sarcasm

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I’m 42%+58$(er, %) sure that that is true. This shows the AYYA having part in it. And that the yoyo needs to be production and not just a prototype.(probably to help prevent crazy yoyos made out of different exotic materials(tungsten, Titanium, Magnesium.) and being one of one yoyo that breaks the record.

To meet Ayya guidelines, some stores have received the 19:39 already, but for the majority of stores we wish to offer the buyers the choice of all 3 versions and they will ship early next week.Quoted from yoyoskills…

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first of all it is not made to play tricks on and it is just a fun yoyo to see how long you can make it sleep. The whole purpose of this yoyo is to own a world record breaking yoyo.

Dude why do you care?i mean seriously you dont care.Im not trying to sound mean but this post isnt all that useful.I mean if you wanted to know just go into chat or ask andre.I know you mean well but its just clutter.

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If you’re opnly going to insult the thread and the OP, how about you niot post in it and bump it up.

Maybe you should try bringing a positive attitude into things instead of just bashing anything and evrything.


Fun fact: the challenge to yoyo’ing isn’t about the sleep time.