g5 buddah king edition

I just wanted to know is this a good yoyo?
I was going to get a 888 but they r sold out

If you want a very skinny yoyo that is pretty big in diameter and spins a very long time with a sharp H shape, then get it.

Good luck but I heard the 888’s were comin here soon so it might be worth the wait

Ill see how long 888s take thanks

The buddah king is really really heavy. It is around 85 grams or something.

yea I was thinkin about that then I saw 85 grams and it was way to heavy for my taste

Same. I do mostly do 5A, so I don’t think that I have a dice heavy enough to play with.

Well, the buddha king g5 want made for serious play. It was actually made to win the worlds longest Buddha Sleeper, so YYF made that yoyo for that purpose.


And the BK is experimental. It intends, through design, to challenge the notion that a strong throw is the primary method of imparting strong spin energy.

Interesting stuff! Too bad the run is limited to 120 pieces a year. Get 'em while they’re hot, folks. Or don’t get 'em at all.

OT: Lol i read the BlackKnight while people calling it BK you called it Bk and you said get them while they’re hot… like BK burgers???..? I’m funny…

They are actually talking about this in the RE: the black knight post. And how did we get slightly off the topic of G5 Buddah King Edition?

Pretty Much :wink: