Does Any One Know Anythin About The New Budahh King 2??
i saw it and was amazed and am now wanting one for christmas considering im now allowd to get a more pricey one :stuck_out_tongue: and that the mighty flea is out of stock :smiley:
but do you know where i could get a good review, or if anyone has one whats there thoughts ???
i need help before i make my final decision:)
and what could i compare it to? and what else would i need to buy for it??? it comes with everything really lol

Actually, it is not really meant for tricks. It is just for sleeping, and you can be assured that this is one of the best sleepers in history.

I think it could be a fun throw, but I doubt that it would play better than say a New Breed.

Again? Really? You have a DV888. You should be set for a while.

Nevertheless, if you want to get it you can. However, know that it was made to sleep, not to do tricks, and thus won’t be all that great. Plus, it’s going to feel like a lead weight on a string.

It was made for setting records and nothing else, it is really a pointless yo-yo. I feel it should be a novelty and nothing else. Save your money and buy some thing else.

It really is a novelty throw. It is playable, but that’s not to say it’s the best buy. The best comparison I can make is that it’s like doing string tricks with a heavy and unresponsive looper.

If it were my 130 bills, I would look at something else.

the only reason more than a few were made is because the yoyo used to set the record has to have more than 100 made (not sure of the exact numbers but you get the idea)

Yup, because the record is actually the longest sleeping production model.

I’d say get it… It would be amazing for learning… IT sleeps for a day and a half and would take a TON of skill… So in a year or so when your beasting your BK2 you can move to somthing else and then go on to professional play…

Or if you want a similar shape get a hectic…

Now i know what you all mean about it only bein able to sleep reallly :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for letting me know that because it is a lot of money, but i am looking at the expensive ctegory, and i could go more or less for money considering its christmas.
Im Thinking:
SUPERSTAR <- in no particular order.
And can you please compare the sizes of these to say, a dv888, dark magic,or a hitman.
Thanks Just let me know asap.
oh and ps i could even move on to a nother brand, im just really looking for the best yoyo that i can find for my preference which i will let you know when yous get back to me:)
Thanks. LD1996 ;D

Well I’m not a YYF kind of guy the only thing I will own of theirs art the tops. But that is just me, I recomend a General Yo, or One Drop, or HSpin or Dif-e-Yo(I really Want one)

Okay, here we go!

The Superstar has a large diameter and is an h-shaped yoyo.
The DNA is about the same size, but it’s a full body, not h-shape.
The 888 is the same shape as the DNA, but it’s undersized.

Now, to compare sizes:

DV888=888, but the Hitman’s just a little bit bigger than these.
DNA=Superstar=Dark Magic.

Keep in mind that these are the sizes that are similar, not the shaps, nor weights.

Hope this helped!



You already have a Dv888, why keep going with the same brand? There’s a ton of other brands out there. Branch out a little