this is kinda weird

Im all ready looking at yoyo for christmas and i want a yoyo that has really good sleep time. im like only getting yoyos for christmas so i can get like 3 hopfully. give me some good choices and tell me the sleep time and i got a pretty stong throw Thank you ;D

Any yoyo will sleep long, you just need a good throw.

If spin time is really what you’re loking for, try any H-Shape yoyo.

But so you know, spin time is one of the least important things in a yoyo.

If you’re looking for sleep time, you’re looking at it all wrong. You want to see what shape, size, weight, and other specs you might like.

Get somthing with a ridiculously wide gap. Maybe an H-Shape like gm user said. What yoyo’s do you have right now? That’ll help us make good suggestions.

my guess is he has a dv888 and dark magic considering there his favorites

sleep time you say?

omg what are those… they look beast…

Buddha King 2

were can i get my hands on those puppies… shiny…


how much?

Don’t know that one, sorry.

Buddha King Two’s are amazing.

Samad thats why i wanted to know if you were going to worlds, so you can pick me up one and i could pay for it. lol

Around $80.

In my opinion, that is ugly.

In my opinion i think its quite, forget your opinion lol

$80 nvm Samad i dont need one that bad lol maybe if they sell em on yoyonation i can get one for christmas

I would never use a Budda King 2. YUCK! I want a Genesis!

I want a die nasty more than anything that or a counter attack

Well, youre opinion sucks… jk jk lol. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But IMHO, the black one is rather appealing to my senses… I want it!!

fixed lol btw i was kidding id rather have a bully2